PDF Dear Brethren and Friends: As most modern societies count the years, we have entered the year of 2004. When reflecting on what the world experienced in 2003, chances are, the year of 2004 will hear more of the same bad news, except, perhaps, in an even worse way. Let us briefly remind ourselves of some of the news in 2003 (You might want to ‘read along with us,’ by looking at the headlines in our Current Event sections of our weekly Updates of 2003): January 2003: Worldwide Times of Terror; Captivity-Beyond the Pale; Big Brother in the U.S.; The European Union and the United Nations vs. the U.S. and Great Britain; U.S. Divided Against Itself; The Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches vs. U.S. February 2003: America’s Troubles – And No End; America and Europe – a Great Divide; Is the World Facing World Destruction?; Droughts in Australia and the U.S. March 2003: Assassination in Serbia; Moab – the Mother of All Bombs; Ongoing Conflict with North Korea; Will There Be Peace? April 2003: Victory – but at What Price?; Cold War in Asia; How Safe Is This World? May 2003: Earthquakes; World Hunger; U.S. Deflation; SARS – and No […]

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