Download PDF Dear Members and Friends: How often do we feel like we are failing? That life is hard? Maybe wondering what the point of trying so hard is all about? Maybe asking ourselves what good is living in the world at this time in the way that we do? Why put forth effort in overcoming, in changing? Maybe we have questions about why life is so mundane and frustrating? Maybe our attitudes take on a negative and depressive nature?  Often times, when these types of thoughts and feelings start to invade in my own life, the only way to overcome them is to meditate on God’s Word and start reading the words that are there for us. When these types of attitudes come, it is often due to a lack of closeness to God. The attitudes of this world invade us, even if we don’t want them. Therefore, it takes constant effort with our thoughts to work on staying close to God (Colossians 3:2-10). When we do, the Holy Spirit will guard and keep us (2 Timothy 1:14). But if we start to drift away, even the slightest bit, we start to have these issues which Satan constantly broadcasts […]

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