The Curse of Divorce

“Where’s the commitment?”, the new car ad asks. You don’t like your job–get another one. You don’t like your wife–get another one. Presumably, you will like the car they are selling you, and you will hold on to it. So, is a car more important to us than our job or our marriage?

Approximately 50% of current marriages in the Western world will end in divorce. Perhaps, the marriage vow should be changed to, “TILL DIVORCE DO YOU PART.” Recently, three young adults appeared on a daytime show confronting their parents over their divorce. The emotional trauma was very evident, as the children talked to both parents about their pain, suffering and utter devastation that the effect of the divorce had on their lives. The tears were flowing, and they were obviously distraught over an event that had happened several years previously.

On the same program, a woman in her forties was still suffering from the effects of the divorce of her parents. There were tears and anguish over that event that had taken place some twenty years earlier. The lady was still dealing with the detrimental effects it had on her; especially, since there was no closure in her mind. We know a lady who has been divorced for over twenty-five years. She has children with her new husband. Nevertheless, she explains that there is not a day that goes by, when she does not think about her first husband.

No matter how long ago a divorce took place, the destructive emotional trauma will continue to be felt by the spouses and the children alike. The damage will remain for a very long time. Even though God allows for divorce under certain circumstances, it is no wonder that God says that He utterly hates divorce–and for a good reason. Divorce is never a happy solution. Satan,the god of this world,is determined to destroy mankind, and he is using divorce very effectively towards that end. Divorce produces broken families, children without fathers or mothers, and other social curses. Satan hates marriage because it is a physical type of what and how the God Family functions–and will function for all eternity.

Thankfully, those who have received God’s Holy Spirit, can look forward to a marriage from which there will be no divorce. Christ will consummate His marriage with faithful members of His Church at His Return (Revelation 19:9). We can with zeal and anticipation look forward to this great event, which will not end in separation or divorce or pain or suffering or emotional trauma or tears (Revelation 20:4).

Let us strive and ensure that we remain true to our mates “till death do us part.” More importantly, let us make every effort to faithfully uphold our relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ, our Bridegroom–moving forward towards the great and glorious future event of spiritually consummating our marriage with our Husband.

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