Moving On!

The phrase “Moving On” is an interesting one that can have different interpretations behind just those two simple words. And we, as Christians, have to make sure that we don’t fall into the trap that others often do when using this phrase.

It can mean wanting to avoid further questioning or interrogation–it’s time to move on. This is a favorite approach of politicians who want to squirm out of problems that won’t seem to go away. Instead of saying “sorry, I was wrong”–an admission of wrongdoing, errors of judgment or just plain poor decision making–they shy away from what we, as Christians must do. This is not for us. If we’re wrong, we have to admit it and repent, not say that we are moving on to avoid any further embarrassment or questioning.

A second way that this phrase is used is that it is now 2009 and it’s time to move on! This can often be used in connection with biblical truth, thinking that the Bible is outdated. But the date has nothing to do with right and wrong. Living in the year 2009 does not give us the liberty to change immutable truths and instructions from our great Creator. Moving on, to so many people today, means getting rid of previous standards and replacing them with their own ideas. When the original information is from the Creator of the universe, then to think that that doesn’t apply and is old fashioned today is stupidity of the highest order. 

And a third way of using this phrase is where someone abandons the truth that they once understood because they have “moved on.” This is the most serious of them all–and we have to ensure that we take our calling very seriously at all times, never treating it lightly and putting ourselves into great danger, so that we could miss out on being a member of God’s family for eternity.

Moving on? Not in the three areas mentioned herein–but with our calling, yes, we have to move on by growing in grace and knowledge (2 Peter 3:18). That is the “moving on” that we should all be involved with!

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