Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? Many do not know the real reasons. And how does God’s punishment relate to us today—and especially to those who do know the truth of the Bible? The answer to these questions may be found in our recorded video sermon presented by Norbert Link and titled, “Today’s Sodom.”

Norbert Link’s video-recorded Feast sermon, titled, “Feast of Tabernacles 2013: How Zealous Are We?,” was posted on YouTube.

“America Is Politically Bankrupt,” is the title of one of two new Standingwatch programs presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

The temporary shutdown of the American government is strongly condemned by the worldwide community. Many feel that America cannot be saved; that America’s democracy is falling; and that America is politically bankrupt. Sadly, the Bible agrees with this assessment. The ill-conceived Obamacare or “Affordable” Care Act and its terrible “implementation” is only one symptom, exemplifying the fact that promises of politicians cannot be relied on. It is high time that God the Father sends His Son Jesus Christ to our earth to make an end to man’s mismanagement and to restore the Kingdom of God and establish righteous rule on this planet.

“Timeline of Biblical Prophecy and Rome’s Ten Revivals,” is the title of the second StandingWatch program. Here is a summary:

What is going to happen in the future? Does the Bible give us an outline or time table of events, leading to the return of Jesus Christ, and beyond? What, if anything, do developments in Europe tell us? Will there be a final revival of the ancient Roman Empire? Our free booklets, “Biblical Prophecy—From Now Until Forever,” and “The Ten European Revivals of the Ancient Roman Empire” give you the startling and surprising answers. Copies of both booklets are waiting for you.

We posted the first SW presentation by Rene Messier for the Canadian audience, titled, “SW Talking Points: The Nature of God.”

“Warum Menschliches Leid?,” is the title of a new AufPostenStehen presentation by Mr. Link. “Why Human Suffering?,” is the title in English. It promotes our newly printed German Booklet on Human Suffering.

Norbert Link’s video-recorded German sermon on the Day of Atonement, titled, “Jesus und Satan,” was posted on our German website ( and also on YouTube.

“Neu! Die Herrliche Welt des Millenniums,” is the title of the German sermon to be presented this Sabbath in Germany. In English, the title is, “The Beautiful World of the Millennium.”

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