Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Special Music for the Feast
Anyone who is interested in participating in special music for the Feast may contact Phyllis Bourque at, who will again be coordinating this program. Choir music will be sent out to all who request it. The Feast is fast approaching, and now is a good time to be practicing, whether for choir or for individual performance.

A new StandingWatch program was posted on the Web, titled, “Israel’s Worldwide Isolation.” Israel’s deadly attack on a flotilla heading towards Gaza was met with universal condemnation. Especially Turkey has been playing a dubious role in this affair. What can we expect to happen soon?

A new German AufPostenStehen program was posted on the Web, titled, “Das liebe Geld der Kirchen” (“The Dear Money of the Churches”). The program discusses the new German austerity measures in light of the unique (and untouched) situation that the German government is paying huge amounts of money to Protestant and Catholic priests and clerics–and that in addition to the church tax (about 9% of salary) of church members, which the German government collects for and then transfers to the churches.

A new member letter was posted on the Web and sent out this week. In the letter, Norbert Link reminds all of us why God has created man and why He revealed His truth to His disciples in this day and age.

A new German sermon was posted on the Web, titled, “Das Evangelium und Sie, Teil 4” [“The Gospel and You, Part 4.”] It is discussing the gospel of the Kingdom of God, according to Matthew, and issues like “kingdom of heaven,” “keys of kingdom of heaven” and “binding and loosing.”

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