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This week has seen an unusual outbreak of terrorist attacks around the world. Are we beginning to witness the results of Satan’s great wrath unfolding on this earth, as predicted in Revelation 12:13?

Middle East
On Tuesday, May 7, a suicide bomber killed 16 people, including himself, in a pool hall near Tel Aviv.

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell acknowledged that the latest bombing… would again “put at risk” the possibility of peace progress in the Middle East. The Los Angeles Times reported on May 9, 2002, “President Bush pressured Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Wednesday to moderate his response… and praised Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat’s condemnation of terrorism as ‘incredibly positive.'”

Arafat had said on Palestinian television, in Arabic, “I gave my orders and directions to all Palestinian security forces to confront and prevent all terror attacks against Israeli civilians from any Palestinian side or parties and at the same time to confront any aggression or attack on Palestinian civilians, whether by Israeli soldiers or settlers, which we all condemn.” Arafat also said that his police were too weak to carry out his orders in the wake of Israeli’s large-scale military operation aimed at crushing Palestinian militias in the West Bank.

The German magazine, “Der Stern,” ran this editorial by Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Osterkom: “Israel makes it difficult even for his friends to show understanding and solidarity. The U.N. had agreed unanimously to investigate the possible massacre in Jenin. But Sharon refused to let the Commission visit the camp. Likewise, the country does not care about Resolution 242 of the U.N. in 1967, which asked Israel to withdraw from all occupied territories… Any consequences? None. What right do the United States have, then, to attack the Iraq — allegedly, because Saddam Hussein does not allow the U.N. weapon inspectors to travel into the country? In spite of the obvious violations of Israel, it is difficult to evaluate who is right or wrong in this present conflict.”

On Monday, May 6, right-winged political candidate Pim Fortuyn was murdered in the Netherlands.

Der Spiegel reported on May 7 that Europe is in shock. Fortuyn’s party, known for its anti-foreigners position, was expected of receiving 20 percent of the upcoming Parliamentary elections on May 15. Fortuyn was killed with five bullets, following a radio interview. This is the first assassination of a politician in the Netherlands since the country’s recent history. A white citizen of Netherlands was arrested as the possible killer.

The Los Angeles Times reported on May 9 that a suicide car bombing in Pakistan killed 11 French workers and two citizens of Pakistan. President Pervez Musharraf said that this was an act of international terrorism. The government blamed either members of Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist organization or agents from India for the attack.


As the German newspaper, “Die Welt,” reported on May 9, 2002, 32 people were killed and 150 injured by a bomb in the city of Kaspijsk, Dagestan, South Russia. The attack occurred at the beginning of a parade, celebrating the 57th year of Russian victory over Nazi Germany. President Putin stated that the deed was a terror attack by a “dross,” for whom nothing is holy. “We have the right,” he continued, “to deal with them the same as with the Nazis.”

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