FOT: God Knows

Understanding the depth of God’s reach and knowing that nothing is hidden from Him. He knows our hearts, our minds and our sins. He created all things. He knew us before we were born. He also knows our battles and our needs. In this, we can all find reassurance and comfort.

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FOT: True Believers

As true believers, we understand that we will make mistakes and struggle just as those in the Bible before us, realizing we all have the same battles. Resisting Satan and pleasing God—those are the only two forces in life, bad and good. Our relationship with God is the key. True believers never give up.

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FOT 2018: Guidance–Man or Machine?

In our everyday life, we may be able to depend upon man or machine to get us by, but it can be hit or miss. But when it comes to living a Christian life, there is only one sure dependable source for the best guidance we can possibly have. This is God.

Am I Really Ready?

Just saying we are ready for the end does no necessarily mean we are ready in God’s eyes. We need to examine ourselves daily to ensure we are meeting the requirements that God sets out for us, to be ready in His eyes.

FOT 2017: Choose Wisely

In living a christian life, it is very important to be mindful of the choices we make and not to let our personal desires and affairs come before God’s desires. We have to always make ourselves acceptable to God so we are not guilty of delaying the return of Jesus.

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FOT 2017: Friends Forever

It is good to have friends in the world, but it is also important to be a good friend. Of more importance is to strive to keep God’s laws and commands so we can be called a friend by God and have a true friend forever.

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A Willing Attitude is a Winning Attitude

Regardless of what we encounter, as far as tests and trials, looking at our lives as being on trial or in the spotlight, this is a reminder to always be willing to conduct ourselves in a Godly manner.

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Walk Worthy

Be cautious not to be deceived, especially by ourselves, which leads us to sin and causes us to turn away from God.

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Smooth Sailing

Making adjustments in our lives and staying close to God in order to live a more balanced Christian life with less ups and downs.

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Fervent Love

In difficult and discouraging times, remember the goodness of God and His love for us and rekindle the fervent love we have for Him.

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