Biden’s Two Alternatives: Prosecution or Resignation—Comments on News and Prophecy, February 10, 2024

Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded in his report that Biden “willfully retained” highly classified and top secret documents at unsecured locations, but recommended against prosecuting Biden as a jury might not convict him because of his “perceived mental decline,” “confusion,” “diminished faculties” and “poor memory.” Democrats quickly condemned Hur for his “inaccurate, inappropriate and gratuitous comments.” But as this program will show, Hur’s comments were none of the above. Many examples are given which seem to support the concerns of a vast majority of Americans about Biden’s mental health. Which leaves us with two alternatives: If Biden is too senile to stand trial, then he must resign as President. If he is not mentally incompetent and his memory is good, as he claims, then he must be prosecuted. But replacing Biden with another candidate might already be too late and may constitute other serious challenges for the Democratic Party.

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