Current Events

In this issue, we are reporting on anti-Semitism in Germany; the explosive situation in Ukraine; the enduring Russian-Italian friendship and Europe’s unwillingness to defend NATO member states against Russian aggression; the Pope’s visit to Bosnia and his warnings of World War III; the concern of a coming war between Shiites and Sunnis in the Middle East which might have worldwide consequences; and the real danger of ISIS’s ability to build devastating dirty bombs.

 We continue with the surprising election result in Turkey; Europe’s ongoing attempts to rescue Greece; David Cameron’s fight with his conservative party members over Britain’s exodus from the EU; and a challenging assertion that it is not in the British character to speak the truth about “serious stuff,” including abortion, and that Britain’s religious leaders are spineless.

We address Pope Francis’ strong statements against same-sex marriages and the “demonic gender ideology,” as well as the ongoing attempts of left-liberals in the USA to promote their transgender agenda, even in children’s books; the divided picture of the American Republican Party towards transgender people; and Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of his Republican colleagues and Democratic politicians and governmental officials; including his usual announcement (to become official on June 16) that he might run for President.

We conclude with an article suggesting that the Obama Administration will continue with the NSA spying program even though it expired and was rejected by Congress and a federal court; and the arrival of deadly mosquitoes in central Europe.

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