Current Events

We begin with staged and organized anti-Trump “demonstrations” by the (radical) left and gullible students at the Trump rally in Chicago and at other places, while commenting on the dishonest reporting of the mass media and the pitiful attempts of Donald Trump’s competitors to get a political advantage, showing again the deeply corrupt and despicable methods of politics at its lowest level. The irony is that all of these events might help, rather than hurt Trump. It is becoming more and more certain that Trump will win the popular vote as the Republican nominee. Please view our new StandingWatch program, titled “How NOT to Stop Trump!” We also report on China’s and Japan’s views on America. 

We continue with surprising and disturbing facts on Ted Cruz and the stunning success of Germany’s anti-migrant party AfD, while Angela Merkel suffered a devastating defeat.

We report on the continuing rift between the USA and Israel and point at an article by the Telegraph about the undesired effects of the terrible deal between President Obama and Iran. We speak on the horrible fruits of war in Syria; Putin’s surprising announcement to withdraw troops from Syria; and the curse of nuclear power plants, by pointing at the failed attempts by the Japanese to come to grips with the highly radioactive fuel at the damaged Fukushima’s nuclear reactors.

We conclude with interesting articles about the Catholic Church and the origin of the name “America.”

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