Current Events

We begin with a Russian warning hinting at a coming nuclear war in Europe (which, sadly, will indeed occur in the future), speak on Russia’s desire to complete the building of an historic bridge between Crimea and Russia (which has been a long-time dream and ambition of Russian leaders); and point out that in accordance with some strategists, the employ of more than 450,000 Western soldiers would be needed to prevent a chaos in the Middle East (The Bible predicts that a huge European military intervention will occur soon.)

We continue with disturbing accounts on Israel’s involvement in toppling Egypt’s president Morsi and President Obama’s controversial accusations that the current Libyan crisis was caused by European leaders, especially David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy.

We report on the troublesome popularity of Germany’s right-wing anti-migrant party AfD (Alternative for Germany), and of Geert Wilders, the Dutch leader of the right-wing anti-immigration Freedom Party.

We quote the most recent unintelligible comments by Pope Francis pertaining to the European migrant crises, and we discuss extensively the deal reached between the EU and Turkey, which many observers feel is not only immoral, but also patently illegal.

A British research organization (“Economist Intelligence Unit”) found that Donald Trump, if he became president, would be a global danger to the economy and security. Others disagree, especially in light of the most recent terrorist attack in Belgium, for which the barbarous murderers of ISIS claimed responsibility. Quite a few articles are published in this edition on this controversial man, as well as President Obama’s failure in dealing with ISIS. You might also view our most recent StandingWatch program on this issue, titled, “Why the West Is to Be Blamed for ISIS Terror Attacks.”  

We also publish articles on Hillary Clinton’s problems. We continue with articles on President Obama’s visit in Cuba; China’s financial troubles; the controversial Easter dating; transgender ideology (which has been labeled as mental disorders); religious change in the USA; and the long history of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

We conclude with an article about the Neanderthals, proving again their truly modern human origin.

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