Current Events

We begin with reporting on the “Panama Papers”—the “biggest financial data leak in history” of over 11 million files, revealing the dubious and potentially criminal activities of literally hundreds upon hundreds of mega-rich and powerful people and institutions around the world.

We comment on a mind-boggling crazy law in Germany; the Dutch vote against a deal between the EU and Ukraine; the prognosis of most economists that a Brexit would prove disastrous for Britain’s economy; and Donald Trump’s stern (and mostly rejected) warning that the USA is heading towards a “very massive recession.”

We continue with Hillary Clinton’s statement that an unborn child or person does not have constitutional rights, leading to criticism from pro-choice groups claiming that an aborted fetus is neither a child nor a person. 

We focus on the pain and suffering of migrants who are being deported from Greece to Turkey, facing a very uncertain future; and publish an article by the New York Times speculating whether Russia was steering migrants toward Europe. Additional articles discuss Russia’s nuclear ambitions and the bad relationship between Russia and Germany.

We also quote David Cameron’s warning that “Isil terrorists are planning to use drones to spray nuclear material over Western cities in a horrific ‘dirty bomb’ attack.” We refer to an article by Reuters, wondering whether Europe will reintroduce requirements for visiting Americans and Canadians to obtain a visa.

We conclude with articles on transgender Jews and a sickening transgender “dragon lady”; the sad reputation of Palm Springs; Muslim “sensitivities” in Switzerland; and a rather foolish “finding” by scientists concluding that “chimpanzees may believe in God.”Please view our new StandingWatch program, Do Chimpanzees Believe in God?”  which addresses this ridiculous concept.

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