Current Events

We focus on the more or less unsuccessful fight by US and Arab forces against murderous ISIS militants in Syria, with tragic consequences for innocent people, as well as the senseless and incomprehensible bombing of hostile nations and allies in the entire Middle East; speak on the untrustworthiness of Iran; the deteriorating relationship between the USA and Israel, due to President Obama’s alleged philosophy of being “tied to Islam” and “Marxism”; Israel’s new shaky government; the lack of friendship between the USA and the UK; the UK’s “most unpredictable” election; and the questionable charges filed against six police officers in Baltimore, USA, which seem to be based “on politics and crowd control,” rather than on the evidence.

We continue with addressing the concept of legalizing “three-way marriages” proposed in the UK which should be a wake-up call for all those who embrace legalization of same-sex marriages; the problem with transgender identity and the back paddling of politicians in this context; and the impression that some politicians may think they are “gods,” rather than human beings, due to their goal to change Christian “values and beliefs.”

We conclude with articles pertaining to Germany, including the involvement of German Navy ships in the Mediterranean; the ongoing desire, as expressed by Germany’s Defense Minister, to create a European Army as a “long-term goal,” “while for now the most important thing is to gradually strengthen the European Defense Community”; and Germany’s past regarding the Holocaust. Memorializing the 70th anniversary of the “liberation of the former Nazi concentration camp at Dachau,” Angela Merkel optimistically stated that “Jewish life is part of” Germany’s “identity,” while a survivor commented that the Nazis running the concentration camps were “humans like you and me. And that is what is so terrible.” We end with a report on the trouble Angela Merkel finds herself in due to Germany’s most recent spying scandal; and with an alarming article about the death of many animals, due to the ongoing drought in lower Western states.

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