Current Events

We begin with articles containing troublesome accusations against the FBI and the Justice Department pertaining to an alleged “cover-up” of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal; and we continue with the congressional override of President Obama’s vetoing a bill that allows families of 9-11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia; and the President’s unwanted legacy of populism.

It was reported that Donald Trump (who might be of German descent) was the recipient of an “unexpected” honor from a “former” political rival and of “strong concerns” from one of the greatest Jewish veteran actors of our time. We also cover the reactions to the first presidential debate, declaring overwhelmingly that Hillary Clinton won against Donald Trump who rambled frequently and who gave embarrassing answers pertaining to the “birther” controversy. In this context, please view our StandingWatch program, “Trump’s Birther Movement—Why It Still Matters.” On the other hand, according to Forbes, Trump’s criticism of China was correct.

We address the frightening manifestations of paganism and demonic influence in the USA; address findings that divorce and mixed marriages are highly responsible for the lack of religion in children; speak on the ongoing deteriorating relationship between the German and Turkish governments; Italy’s vision of an EU Army; Russia’s military influence across Asia; the desire of the Philippines to have closer ties with Russia and China; erupting violence at the “tomb of Joseph”; the death of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, the last surviving founding father of the state of Israel; and new discoveries regarding Petra.

We conclude with a remarkable interview with a Dutch primatologist and ethologist, addressing animal behavior in the face of death and important distinctions between animals and humans.

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