Current Events

We begin with reporting on the worldwide reactions to the death of hypocritical dictator and mass murderer Fidel Castro, and the incredible distorted world view of some leaders, calling him a hero. 

We continue with a renewed fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and some positive German comments about Mr. Trump’s election; as well as further controversial statements by Mr. Trump and a few more nominations; and we speak on an apparent massive cyberattack, interrupting Internet services in Germany, as well as Angela Merkel’s announcement that 100,000 asylum seekers will be deported from Germany.

We are introducing Francois Fillon, who many believe will be the next French President; and address the upcoming presidential re-election in Austria, as well as the Italian referendum, which will both occur on Sunday, December 4. 

We quote from an extremely interesting article discussing the certainty of a future space war; point at developments pertaining to Turkey and Israel; report on the ongoing terrible situation in Syria; and address plans of ISIS to attack Europe and the UK.

We conclude with articles about the Catholic Church, including stunning comments by Pope Francis which include some truth and much error (please note our new StandingWatch program on this issue, titled, “Pope Francis–Hell Is No Torture Chamber”); and an apparent deal being worked on between the Catholic Church and China, which has been strongly condemned by China’s most outspoken Catholic Cardinal.

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