Current Events

The year 2016 ended as it began—with uncertainty, fear, violence and tremendous upheaval. It seems that catastrophes and tragedies are happening on a daily basis. Truly, every objective and astute person should be able to see that the signs of the times point at the very last days of our present evil age, and the soon-coming Return of Jesus Christ.

We begin with the terror attack in Berlin, Germany, and the incredible incompetency of the German security apparatus. At the same time, we see Angela Merkel being attacked from all sides for her ill-conceived and devastating migrant policy.

We continue with the Obama Administration’s “complicity” in the “Aleppo tragedy,” as John McCain put it; the fear of a new nuclear arms race between USA, Russia and China; a fatal Russian plane crash which could have been caused by a terrorist attack; and the troubling relationship between the Obama Administration and Putin’s Russia.

We are focusing on the betrayal of Israel by the Obama Administration. (Please see our StandingWatch program on this topic, titled, Israel Betrayed by USA and Forsaken by the World.”) President Obama’s actions have been condemned in the USA by Democrats and Republicans alike. President Obama is accused of having actively worked with autocratic governments to condemn Israel’s settlement policy, and having instructed his ambassador to abstain from the vote of the UN Security Council, rather than vetoing it, thereby breaking with a long-standing US tradition. It is also felt that President Obama did this in order to prevent President-elect Donald Trump from working with Israel on a peace treaty with the Palestinians, potentially causing great upheaval regarding the Temple Mount and the status of Jerusalem. Germany’s support of the resolution will continue to destroy any friendly relationship between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump. At the same time, Israel has vowed to disregard the resolution; Prime Minister Netanyahu has summoned the ambassadors of the countries responsible for the resolution, and he has begun to stop funding UN projects.

We also report on a controversy in Israel about the pagan Christmas tree; a pre-Christian find of a Nativity scene in Egypt; and public Hanukkah events in Europe with the attempt to “drive out darkness.” We conclude with a dire warning of Britain’s clergymen and Prince Charles regarding the dangers we may face in 2017, as well as a summary of events and developments in 2016, which do not indicate a bright future in 2017.

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