Current Events

We begin with the strained relationship between Donald Trump and Angela Merkel; continue with Piers Morgan’s interesting perspective regarding Messrs. Obama and Trump; report on the dubious role of Michael Flynn as a foreign agent for Turkey and the White House’s alleged “ignorance”; and speak on the ongoing diplomatic feud between Turkey and the rest of Europe, especially Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark; the Netherland’s election; and a controversial decision by the European Court of Justice.

We address the opposition by many Republicans against Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill; and we present a scary report about the insecure transport of atomic bombs on America’s roads, as well as plans to make it easier to use American drones for attacks, leading to more civilian casualties. We also speak of the fears of foreign tourists to visit the USA; and Donald Trump’s revised travel ban’s legal challenges and setback.

We continue with reports pertaining to the Temple Mount and the Purim Feast; as well as the fear of “ghosts” in Brazil’s presidential residence. We conclude with an eye-opening article about eight differences between Catholic and Protestant beliefs. In this context, please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Catholics and Protestants… Divided or United?” 

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