by Louise Amorelli

One evening, I watched a public television special about natural disasters. The show touched upon what material possessions meant the most to people, when they needed to evacuate their homes. What do people really consider as being valuable or priceless, when it comes down to the “nitty-gritty,” and when there is little that they can actually take with them? The results of those findings were quite interesting.

Of course, the experts pointed out that people should have an evacuation plan as well as an emergency list of important papers and monetary items, etc., to take with them, when and if the time comes for them to evacuate. But the experts found that along with those items, people took those physical possessions that have the most meaning to them and are the closest to their heart. It did not matter how small, how insignificant and how valuable the items were. What mattered most was the sentiment that physical objects meant to that person–the memories attached to them.

In light of the most recent hurricane Irene that my husband, my family and I were directly involved in, I also had to evaluate the things most important to me. Thankfully, we experienced no injuries and no damage to our homes or possessions, and we did not have to evacuate to a shelter, although it was quite close to that. But I now have the time to meditate and reflect on what items would be closest to my heart.

While the PBS program made me realize that it is the “little” things that are most important to people, as a Christian, I have to think even deeper than that. What is most important to me?  What is “priceless” to me?? Although I do have possessions that carry a “priceless tag” and are close to my heart, they will not last forever. God’s Holy Spirit, and my calling, is what is truly priceless. If I stand strong in my calling, I will eventually be able to teach others as well as to what is truly priceless–the gift of eternal life, that stands the test of time.

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