New Beginnings

Kalon Mitchell

As I start my new job, I am keenly aware of every action and thing that I say or do.

I am so focused on learning how things operate at this new place. I am also feeling kind of lost with everything that I need to learn and do. Sometimes I tend to doubt myself and my abilities to do the job for which I was hired. I wonder if I will be able to accomplish what I have set out to do. It’s easy to get into this mindset and get stressed or worried. 

But then I remember that God is the One who opens doors. He has opened the door for me, and now it is my job to walk through that door. There is nothing I can’t do with God leading and directing my life. It is my job to remember this fact, set my belief in it and let my faith grow, just as I will grow in my new job and do the best I can.

So as I am starting in this job, I just keep reminding myself that God places people where He wants them. He brings about situations in my life. I am left knowing that I must set the right example and bring glory to God.

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