Practicing the Golden Rule

by Dawn Thompson

I thought that throughout my life I had a practicing understanding of “the golden rule” until the other day. A friend made a comment to me that I allowed to hurt my feelings, even though it was not the intent. I wondered why that comment at that time had such a devastating effect on me. After pondering about it for quite a while, I realized the reason was because I had made that same comment to someone else, on several occasions.

In August of 2012, during a time of growth and change in my life, I had similar sensations of hurt feelings, but for some reason that particular instance caught my attention fully and brought to remembrance the times I had not been so kind with my words and attitude. It reminded me that I need to be continually aware of the words that I speak and the attitude with which I speak them. I know that I need to pray continually and build Godly love and character toward everyone, regardless of my history with that person, so to live more fully the golden rule.

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