Happy About God’s Way

by Monique Sperzel (Germany)

I am very happy that my family and I are allowed to live God’s Way–that He has called us to His good Way of Life and brought us out of this bad world. I am truly thankful to Him that He has given us this wonderful opportunity and the knowledge and understanding of His Word. It is not self-evident to me, and I do not take it for granted, and that makes it so much more special for us. It is great that I can experience this and that God gives us all the wonderful things, teaching us every day to fight against the world, but it is for our best and to learn, and God gives us the strength through His Spirit, so that we can overcome.

Again and again I realize how God leads and guides me. I can see how much I want to change my life so that I can please God. He gives me so much inspiration, and He helps me and gives me strength in difficult times. Before I learned about God, my life was so wrong, and I had many problems and I felt very bad. But since I have begun to go God’s Way, I feel better, and I’m thankful for the tasks and responsibilities that He gives me, and His direction which motivates me to obey Him. I’m so very happy about this, because I can never receive enough of His help.    

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