Home Sweet Home

by Louise Amorelli

Several months ago, my husband and I experienced some very severe health trials, involving two of our family members. One of those health trials needed our immediate attention and caused us to leave our home promptly and travel a good distance, to serve those needs. We had to pack, make arrangements for the care of our home, cat, bills, and square away our work commitments, within one day! Needless to say, that was quite a harrowing and stressful occasion. We left all behind, not knowing when we would return. We put all things in God’s hands and hoped and prayed for the best, not only for our family members, but also for all we were leaving behind.

When we arrived at our destination, we didn’t know where we would stay, where we would be eating, and exactly how to handle the challenges ahead. We went to different relatives’ homes, sleeping on couches, trying to grab whatever we could eat and get some rest, while trying to get as much information from health care professionals as possible, and to make sound family health decisions.

Through all of this, I thought of how Jesus and His apostles left all to preach the Gospel. They left their homes behind, not knowing where they would eat or where they would sleep to get this Gospel out. They went on the faith that God gave them, through the Holy Spirit. Although on a much smaller scale, now I can understand better what they went through.

When we finally arrived home, a month later, we really did appreciate our home… ahhh… home sweet home!! But it made me realize even more, how temporary this life really is, and how one day, I will need to leave ALL behind to (hopefully) go to the place of safety, without my possessions of this world, even leaving my physical home. My REAL home is not in this life, but a spiritual one, being one of rulership with Jesus Christ! Jesus is preparing a place for me… a home that will last forever, one that I can really call… Home Sweet Home!!

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