by Gilbert DeVaux

I am not the healthiest man, and I have been going through many severe health trials. I have to say, though, that I have been healed time and again since my calling, when I followed the instruction to be anointed by one of God’s ministers.

I most certainly know that any healing did not happen because of any real value of myself, for God chose the base things of this world, and there I would qualify. When going through health trials, I am reminded that the Eternal knew me before this earth was founded, and He has given me hope when I had none.

I have been reminded, especially during times of trial, what a great sacrifice the Father and Jesus Christ have made for me personally; realizing that the stripes that Christ endured were for my physical healing. It might be easy for me to take things for granted, but I never must do so. I have also learned to appreciate more and more our ministry that we have in our small church, for I know that they were called and placed here by our Great Creator God.

When there is not much physical strength in me, I am learning to grow in the faith of Christ living in me, and as I can feel how my brethren are praying for my health, I will continue to pray for them, when they need prayers.

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