Before I turn 30…

Michael Link

Several years ago I had a certain plan in mind, which had to do with the goals I was pursuing, or at least wanting to accomplish before I reached my “milestone” age. I envisioned my dreams coming true for me. My success and wishes would finally pay off: 

I would graduate from college and venture out to become a successful freelance graphic designer. I would travel the whole world, visiting exotic places, experiencing the different cultures and landscapes the world has to offer. I would meet my beautiful wife and we would become a family with the birth of our child. I would flourish in my music, writing hit songs that were heard all over the world. With my successful result, my family and I were content and I would share my fortunes with the rest of my family and the church.

Sure, I had dreams. I still do. This is what I envisioned before I turned 30. Now that I am 30, many of the things that I wished for haven’t really come into place the way that I had planned. I did graduate from college, although I didn’t find a career in what I studied, but I am presently using the skills I have learned in conjunction with music. I am still keeping strong with the music, hoping to some day land that “hit song.” I have traveled a little bit, but not nearly enough to see the whole world. I did however meet my beautiful wife and we are expecting the birth of our little boy in 3 months. 

I have experienced a taste of what I envisioned; however, what I intended didn’t exactly happen the way I wanted it to, since it was never MY intention for it to happen that way. I was hoping that my success would “pay for” my family and help the church.

It’s the other things I didn’t think about which have made more of an impact in my life. The things that God promised; the things that I needed and that my family needed; the skills and the help that I could offer to my friends and to the church; the present situation that I am in, when it comes to my job and my love for music; and most importantly, the knowledge and truth that have been given to me from God. He knew all along what was best for me, and when I think back at my intentions, I could never have imagined it to turn out the way it has, how my life would develop unto this point.

One thing is for sure. Overall, I know I am happy. I know what the future will bring, not necessarily in this lifetime, but I know what my potential is.  However, I also know that anything is possible with God in my life. Because I know this, I am going to continue pursuing my dreams as God guides me along the way, and I’ll just have to see if it is in accordance to God’s plan to grant me my wishes, perhaps before I turn 40.

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