It Will Get Better!

by Manuela Mitchell

Every December I encounter a bit of anxiety as the days lead up to Christmas. I just find it almost impossible to get the most simple tasks accomplished, such as shopping. There seems to be an over abundance of people hurrying and scurrying to get their last errands done, and I never seem to plan accordingly when I need to run to the store, or even get gas. This year, however, has been a bit more stressful because my son Sam (4) now understands a bit about this strange holiday. He understands it is wrong to keep, but he also understands that he is the only child in his school that does not keep it. He understands that while all the children are singing their morning Christmas songs, he sits with them and keeps his mouth closed. He understands that while they are painting Christmas trees with decorations, he is painting his realistic looking pine tree and correcting the teacher who referred to it as a Christmas tree. He seems so strong and bold to have to stand up for himself and I am so proud of him for that.

But, I’ve recently learned that he hates going to school, when he used to love it. He has recently fought me as I’ve tried to bring him there, begging and crying that I don’t leave him. He told me that they will always keep Christmas. I understand that my 4 year old son feels like an outcast due to the rebellious ways of our generation, and that makes me very sad. My young son feels like the rest of us do every single day. The difference is that I have more knowledge, understanding and comfort knowing that I am trying to live a Godly way and will be protected. Sam is still learning that, and for now only believes what I can tell and show him, and therefore have to be the best example, by staying positive.

Sam is currently on winter break and I reminded him that Christmas will be over and done with when he starts school again, and things will get better. Knowing of course that things will only get better temporarily until another disgraceful holiday comes up. While I feel sad that he has to go through this at such a young age, I feel blessed that he is doing such a good job of being an example to all, even if they don’t know it yet; someday, they will understand. I often explain to Sam that these stresses and anxieties will indeed pass, leaving us stronger and more encouraged to do the right things that God so clearly shows us. Until then, we need to stay strong, and stand up for what we believe, no matter how old we are or how small we may seem. It will get better!

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