Letter to the Brethren – March 15, 2010

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Dear Brethren and Friends,

In recent weeks we have witnessed earthquakes of a kind and magnitude that ENTIRE NATIONS have suffered decimation on such a scale that it will take years to recover! Jesus Christ warned of disasters like these when He spoke of events that would herald His return: “And there will be GREAT EARTHQUAKES in various places…” (Luke 21:11).

We know that the Word of God speaks of many “signs” of the impending close of this violent age. Foremost among the activities that will be occurring in these last days—known as “the time of the END”—will be the preaching of the same message that Jesus (and His TRUE disciples) preached. However, this time, the impact of the end-time phase of the WORK OF GOD will blanket the earth. Here is what Jesus stated—an irrevocable prophecy that will be fulfilled:

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached IN ALL THE WORLD as a witness to ALL the NATIONS, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14).

This has been correctly referred to as “the GREAT COMMISSION”!

Most of us rejoiced in former days when the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom of God was done powerfully through radio, television, the printed word and the labor of a unified ministry and Church. We then witnessed the Satanic destruction that ensued leading to the scattering of the people of God. Many simply left all association with the Church of God and the Work given to it. That happened even to followers of Jesus during His time (compare John 6:60-71), and what did happen in our day was prophesied to occur (compare 2 Thessalonians 2—specifically, verse 3; as well as 2 Peter 3:3-4 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4).

Nonetheless, those of us who have remained faithful—unwilling to compromise with the TRUTH—still have a job before us! We still must answer our calling and participate ever more diligently in the Work of God.

To that end, we have just completed our annual Church conference—this time hosted by the brethren in Colorado.

The conference was attended by Norbert Link and his wife Johanna, along with Margaret Adair, Michael Link and Kalon Mitchell (all from the San Diego area); Rene and Delia Messier from Canada; Brian and Jill Gale from Great Britain; as well as Dave and Peggy Harris; and deacons and members from Colorado.

This year, the primary focus was on expanding our abilities in the use of the many Internet tools we now employ. Currently, along with our various websites for the specific activities of the Church (including Internet live Sabbath services), we discussed ways to improve the StandingWatch programs in appearance and effectiveness and to have them more broadly available.

Members of the technical team presented reports that reflected both statistical reviews and ideas for future actions. Special note was given to the upsurge in views and responses taking place in the German work—specifically that of the posted AufPostenStehen programs (StandingWatch programs in the German language) and German sermons on several websites, including on www.aufpostenstehen.de.

Following up on recent statements, Evangelist Norbert Link again reminded everyone that true success for our Christian growth relates directly to our involvement and dedicated participation in the Work given to the Church. In that light, brethren, let each one of us become even more zealous to do what we have committed ourselves to do, in order to serve and please God even more effectively.

An outgrowth of this conference was the appointment of Dave Harris as Director of Church Administration and as Chairman of the Technical Committee. The purpose for this was two-fold. One, to relieve Mr. Link of some of the day-to-day duties (such as requests for anointing and certain counseling needs), and another important aspect was for more timely reports to both Mr. Link and the Church’s Board of Directors concerning developments by various volunteers on assigned projects. As our workload increases, it is vital to effectively and timely communicate with one another.

Other plans included decisions regarding future booklet subjects. At this point, due, in part, to successful Internet ads being run, we have depleted our hard copies of some titles. We have prioritized the reprinting of some (we just reprinted our booklet, Angels, Demons and the Spirit World), and we have posted, on line, all of our written material. Our booklets are available to both read and download for printing.

For those of you who have not already received a copy, included with this letter is your copy of our newest booklet, Paul’s Letter To The Galatians—How to Understand It. Authored by Norbert Link, this booklet is a chapter by chapter examination and explanation of the Letter to the Galatians. Few in the professing world of Christianity understand this letter, and concepts such as salvation, justification and righteousness cause most Bible students to stumble at the true meaning. We are also working on our next booklet, The Authority of the Bible, which has reached our first review cycle.

Finally, as this letter from the ministry comes to you, the Passover along with The Night to Be Much Observed and the Days of Unleavened Bread will soon be upon us.

Brethren, in the weeks leading up to this very special time, sermons and writings have taken a more urgent focus for us to really examine ourselves in preparation!

Have you taken these urgings personally? We all must!

Thank you for your continuing prayers and for your faithfulness to God in the common Work He has set before us!

In Christ’s Service,

Norbert Link

Dave Harris

Rene Messier

Brian Gale

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