Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Dave Harris sent us the following report about the Public Bible Lecture in Colorado:

Sunday evening, May 21, 2006, the members in Fort Collins, Colorado,
hosted a public Bible lecture. Newspaper ads, fliers, localized
computer ads and personal invitations were used in preparation for this

Evangelist Norbert Link gave a compelling and powerful
presentation on the Mysteries of the Bible. Following his address, time
was taken to speak personally with the guests in attendance. In
addition, our newest booklet–also titled “The Mysteries of the
–was offered to attendees along with other publications.

is the second public lecture the Church of the Eternal God has
presented–with the first being conducted in Southern California.
Although in each case, our advertisements did not generate much
response, we find that personal contacts proved to be the most

Mr. Link’s visit and presentation has greatly
encouraged the brethren in Colorado. Guests who attended the lecture
commented on the strength of the message and delivery by Mr. Link.

the ministerial conference held earlier this year, plans were discussed
to include a public Bible lecture in England around the time of the
Feast of Tabernacles. Because we have distributed a substantial amount
of booklets and have a much larger mailing list in the area, we feel
that this additional presentation will prove very worthwhile.

Please continue to keep these efforts for preaching the gospel of God’s Kingdom in your prayers!

We received the following update from the Philippines:

my wife brought some photo-copies of booklets, including of the new
arrival “The Mysteries of the Bible,” to replenish the magazine stand
in the National library at Taft Avenue, Manila. We replenish it every
three months. We noticed that the only booklet that was not taken from
the stand is “Don’t Keep Christmas.” Funny but true, they don’t
want to throw out that belief. Again thank you for the booklets. Our
regards to you all, and a happy Feast of Pentecost!

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