Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Kalon Mitchell and Manuela Link were united in marriage on Sunday,
January 7, 2007. The marriage ceremony was performed by Evangelist
Norbert Link in the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Courtyard, where the
Church’s former offices were located. Michael Link was best man, and
Johanna Link was matron-of-honor. The weather was gorgeous, and about
80 guests enjoyed the occasion. Kalon and Manuela would like to thank
all for their tremendous help, as well as the many cards, wishes and
presents received from family members and friends around the world. The
couple resides in Escondido, California.

A new StandingWatch
program was posted on Google Video, as well as on our Website ( It is titled, “True
Christianity–Don’t Be Deceived! In the program, Norbert Link discusses
the fact that recently, a popular television broadcast asked the
questions, Who is a Christian?, and, What is true Christianity? The
opinions of those interviewed were astonishing. In addition, a TV
evangelist announced that God spoke to him, telling him that a major
attack on the USA will happen shortly after September 2007. Mr. Link is
posing the question whether such a claim can be believed.

The text for our new booklet on the meaning of the Spring Holy Days has entered its final review cycle.

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