Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Last week, Norbert Link video-recorded a sermon to be played at the Feast sites in the UK and the USA. It is intended to make the sermon available, on DVD, to interested scattered brethren around the world.

A new member letter has been written. In the letter, Norbert Link shows what GOD has done within and through the Church of the Eternal God during its six years of corporate existence, in collaboration with its affiliates in the UK and Canada, and encourages all of us to continue to go forward together to fulfill the great commission that God has given us.

We sent out the following announcement regarding our StandingWatch program #127:

Europe is MAD with Poland and Britain

Europe has agreed on a new treaty, resurrecting in substance its  former proposed Constitution, but only after much disagreement and hostilities. The main offenders of European unity were viewed as Poland and Britain, while the British people are upset with Tony Blair’s perceived surrender of British sovereignty to Brussels. How WILL Europe ultimately unite, and will this be good or bad news for the world?

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