Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

Michael Link and Noelle Jacobs would like to announce that they plan to get married in Ramona, California, on June 29, 2008.

The draft of the new booklet on “Man’s Holidays and God’s Holy Days” has entered the second review cycle.

A new StandingWatch program (#151) was posted on StandingWatch, Google Video and YouTube. It is titled, “What IS the Kingdom of God?, Part 2.” In the program, Norbert Link is asking the following questions: Is the gospel message just about Jesus Christ, or is it Christ’s message about the Kingdom of God? IS God a Family, or does He just HAVE a family? Is it the potential of man to become God or just a spirit being, higher than angels, but lower than God? What DOES your BIBLE say about these questions?

The following video recordings of Norbert Link’s recent sermons have been posted on Google Video:

Was the California Wild Fire Caused by God?,” dated November 3, 2007
Image Which Speaks,” dated September 13, 2007
The Tabernacle in the Wilderness, Part 3,” dated September 1, 2007

Set forth below are statistics of recent viewings and downloads of several of our video-recorded sermons (plus one video-ad), which were placed on Google Video:

Bible Study — The Books of Ezra & Nehemiah, Part 1 — 1584 viewings, 66 downloads
Bible Study — Christian Suffering — 1573 viewings, 62 downloads
Bible Study — The Books of Ezra & Nehemiah, Part 2 — 708 viewings,  23 downloads
Bible Study — Sin, a powerful enemy — 450 viewings,  32 downloads
Bible Study — The Life of Gideon — 392 viewings, 21 downloads
Bible Study — Jonah Speaks to Us  — 387 viewings, 18 downloads
Bible Study — How to Have a Successful Lasting Marriage — 376 viewings, 44 downloads
Bible Study — Day of Atonement : Mystery of the Atonement Rituals — 261 viewings
Bible Study — Flee Idolatry! — 203 viewings, 13 downloads
Bible Study — How to Be Truly Successful! — 131 viewings, 18 downloads
Bible Study — Why the Sacrifices? — 115 viewings, 3 downloads
Bible Study — Sin: How Do You Look At It? — 102 viewings, 10 downloads
Bible Study — Human Suffering: (FREE Booklet)– 78 viewings, 5 downloads
Bible Study — What the Sacrifices May Teach You – Part 3 — 41 viewings, 7 downloads
Bible Study — The Tabernacle in the Wilderness, Part 2 — 12 viewings

Total: 6413 viewings,  322 downloads

We are in the planning stages of our annual conference, which will be held in California and begin on Friday, March 28, 2008, and which will last until and including Wednesday, April 2, 2008 (with Sunday, March 30, 2008, being set aside for a church outing/activity). Please feel free to send us any questions or suggestions for discussion during the conference, which might be helpful for the furtherance of our overall two-fold commission to preach the gospel and to feed the flock.

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