Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

“Prophecy – How to Understand It – Part 1:  The Number of the Beast,” is the first of three new sermons to be presented by Norbert Link on June 13, 2015—followed by presentations on June 20 and 27.  In addition, we are promoting this series through press releases, Facebook and our own webpage,

“Warum Kam Jesus zu Uns?” is the new German sermon for this week. Title in English: “Why Did Jesus Come to Us?”

A new Global Trailer with Brian Gale (“Germany in Prophecy,” #26)  has been posted on the Internet.

The following messages from last Sabbath and Pentecost have been posted:

“A Vision”—sermonette by Kalon Mitchell

“Comfort and Encouragement”—sermon by Norbert Link

“Crayons”—sermonette by Robb Harris

“What is the Church”—sermon by Dave Harris

“Cain and Abel”—sermonette by Michael Link

“Why Do We Keep Pentecost?”—sermon by Norbert Link

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