Putting God to the Test!

by Delia Messier

When our eldest daughter was five years old, she suffered from severe tonsillitis to a point that the doctors believed she might have leukemia. She swelled up like mumps repeatedly and had a very high fever for many days.  Even with sponge baths and medication, it still took several days for the swelling to go down and the fever to leave.

While we were waiting for our daughter’s scheduled surgery, she became very ill. This time my husband informed me that the Bible tells us, when we are sick, we are to call the elders of the church to be anointed for healing. He had just begun to read the Bible. I had never heard of this or even attended one Sabbath service, having had only one ministerial visit. Willing to give it a try, I told my husband:  “We will see if it is true, but if it is hocus pocus, I will have nothing to do with it!”

My husband called the minister who came and anointed our daughter in the evening. That night, while my husband worked grave yard shift, I put our daughter in bed with me and without an aspirin or sponge bath I watched her during the night. She woke up at times, and as I gave her little sips of water throughout the night, I could see her face and neck slowly improving. By morning her swelling was gone and her fever was almost gone.

This had never happened before; each time it would take days before the swelling and the fever would go away! This was truly a miracle!  I had put God to the test, and He had shown me that His Word is true!

Our daughter never had surgery. She was healed immediately and completely.   She never had another tonsillitis attack for all the rest of her childhood!

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