Can you describe the events which will occur after the Great Tribulation has begun?


In the last Q&A on the order of prophetic events, we discussed Christ’s sayings in Matthew 24, showing that prior to His return there would be religious deception, wars, famine, disease epidemics, a Great Tribulation (including a martyrdom of the saints), heavenly signs, and a time described as God’s wrath, which will be poured out over this entire world. We noticed that the first four seals in the book of Revelation describe the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, corresponding to false religion, war, famine and pestilence; and the fifth, sixth and seven seals describe religious persecution, cosmic disturbances, and the time of God’s wrath.

We explain the seven seals in more detail in our free booklet, “Is That in The Bible—The Mysteries of the Book of Revelation.” 

Before focusing on the seventh seal—the Day of the Lord or the time of God’s wrath—we need to return to the fifth seal, describing the Great Tribulation. As mentioned last time, it describes a religious martyrdom of many of God’s people. But it also includes, at the same time, a terrible and fatal war of a European superpower—the last revival of the ancient Roman Empire—against the modern descendants of the ancient houses of Israel and Judah. We point out in chapter 8 of our afore-mentioned booklet:

“At the same time of this religious persecution of God’s servants, the modern nations and peoples of Judah and of the house of Israel (the English-speaking nations of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and others) will be attacked and destroyed in war, mainly by a European power bloc, during the ‘Great Tribulation’ (Matthew 24:15–28; Mark 13:14–20; Luke 21:20–24; Daniel 12:1; Jeremiah 30:10; Hosea 9:3; 13: 16; Amos 6:7; 7:17). The Great Tribulation is Satan’s wrath directed against true Christians—spiritual Israelites—and the modern houses of Israel and Judah.”

Other passages tell us that a military political leader of Europe, called the beast, will invade the Middle East and conquer Jerusalem, and his forces will, at the same time, successfully attack the USA and Great Britain—apparently using nuclear weapons, as all the big cities of the USA and the UK will be destroyed or laid waste in this war (compare Ezekiel 6:6; 35:4). We are told in Hosea 5:5, in the Authorized Version, that “Israel and Ephraim” will “fall in their iniquity” and that “Judah also shall fall with them.” This is an end-time prophecy, which still needs to be fulfilled. In the past, Israel and Judah “fell” at different times, but never together or at the same time. The Tanakh says: “Israel’s pride shall be humbled before his very eyes, As Israel and Ephraim fall because of their sin (And Judah falls with them).”

As mentioned, the beast will also launch a religious attack on spiritual Israel at approximately the same time when he attacks the modern nations of Israel and Judah.

Following the beginning of the religious martyrdom of many of the saints (spiritual Israel) and the national defeat and enslavement of the Jewish people, as well as the peoples of America, Great Britain, Canada and others (that is, of national Israel), we are told that cosmic disturbances of previously unknown proportions to man will occur, followed by the Day of the Lord—the time of God’s wrath. We need to understand, however, that the persecution of national and spiritual Israel and the heavenly signs will continue until Christ’s return. That is, the religious and national tribulation of Israel (the Israelite nations as well as true Christians) will not end, when the heavenly signs begin, and the heavenly signs will not end, when the Day of the Lord begins.

As pointed out in our booklet, “These cosmic disturbances PRECEDE the ‘Day of the Lord,’ the seventh seal. Revelation 6:17 refers to the Day of the Lord as the ‘great day of His wrath.’ Compare Joel 2:30–31; 3: 14–15. This time span, which will begin prior to Christ’s return, is described as a time of Godly retribution (Isaiah 2:10–21; 13:6–16; Zephaniah 1:14–18).”

This planet will face tumultuous events during the Day of the Lord. They will engulf the entire earth. In fact, the Bible says that the “seventh seal” of the book of Revelation—describing the Day of the Lord—consists of seven trumpets, and it is very precise as to what will occur when those seven trumpets will be blown. Quoting again from our booklet:

“The SEVENTH seal consists of SEVEN TRUMPETS, which are blown by seven angels (Revelation 8:2, 6). The first FOUR trumpets are described in Revelation 8:7–12.


“It describes, what appears to be, a firestorm that is destroying one-third of the trees and all the grass (compare Revelation 8:7).


“It depicts, what appears to be, a huge burning meteorite falling into the sea, destroying one-third of all sea creatures and one-third of all ocean ships (Revelation 8:8–9).


“It describes, what appears to be, another huge fiery comet or asteroid, destroying or poisoning one-third of all the sweet drinking water (Revelation 8:10–11).


“It brings further cosmic disturbances, blocking one-third of the light of the sun, moon and stars (Revelation 8:12–13). Revelation 8:13 speaks of the last three remaining trumpets as the last ‘three woes’—because of their great and extreme severity.

“(7.5) The FIFTH TRUMPET (the ‘first woe’)

“The first of the last three woes—or the fifth trumpet—is described in Revelation 9:1–12. It identifies the final resurrection of the Roman Empire, coming out of a ‘bottomless pit’ (Revelation 9:1–3, compare Revelation 11:7; 17:8)—an end-time European power bloc, referred to as the ‘beast’ elsewhere. [Please note that the term “beast” can refer to the European power bloc, and mainly to ten core European nations or groups of nations, as well as to the human leader of that bloc.] It is depicted to be at war with other nations. Its instruments of war are symbolically portrayed as ‘locusts’ (Revelation 9:3) or possibly helicopters, causing pain and harm on humans for five months, without killing them (Revelation 9:4–5, 10).

“The real ruler of this power bloc is ‘the angel of the bottomless pit’ (Revelation 9:11)—Satan the devil. This war occurs after the Great Tribulation—after the time of war between Europe and the modern nations of the houses of Israel and Judah. By that time, the modern nations of the houses of Israel and Judah will already have been defeated, and their surviving people will have become captives of this European power. The war depicted in Revelation 9 is alluded to more fully in Daniel 11, commencing with verse 41. For more information, please read our free booklet, ‘Europe in Prophecy.’” 

The European forces will attack nations in Russia, China, Japan and other Asian countries, after rumors from those areas will have disturbed the beast—perhaps indicating that these Asian nations are planning an attack on Europe and the Middle East. Interestingly enough, the European nations will use weapons which will not kill, but only torment the Asian peoples for five months (Revelation 9:5). Continuing to quote from our booklet:

“(7.6) The SIXTH TRUMPET (the ‘second woe’)

“Revelation 9:13–21 describes the second woe or the sixth trumpet—the appearance of an invading army of 200 million soldiers (Revelation 9:16) from the east (Revelation 9:14)—shortly after Europe’s invasion of the Middle East (Daniel 11:41–43, 45)—to kill ‘a third of mankind’ (Revelation 9:15). Apparently, this is the second stage of a total world war between, at that time, mainly the European power bloc and a power bloc of eastern nations (compare Revelation 9:17 with Joel 2: 4). This second stage is also alluded to in Daniel 11:44.”

The tormented Asian nations will respond with a counter attack, but their actions will be ruthless and merciless. They will use nuclear weapons of mass destruction and kill one-third of mankind, showing that the effect of their actions will kill many Europeans, but it will not be limited to just the European nations. Other passages tell us that ultimately, Europe will be destroyed by these Asian nations, and the beginning of this destruction will undoubtedly commence with this counter attack, but additional attacks will follow. This also shows that these Asian nations were not altogether unprepared  for such military action, and that the beast’s concern of an Asian attack will not have been unjustified. We continue with the quotes from our booklet:

“(7.7) The SEVENTH TRUMPET (the ‘third woe’)

“The third woe or the seventh trumpet… consists of SEVEN LAST PLAGUES, which are described in Revelation 16:1–21. Seven angels pour out these seven last plagues, also referred to as the seven bowls of the wrath of God (Revelation 15:7; 16:1).”

These seven last plagues will be discussed in a subsequent Q&A.

Lead Writer: Norbert Link

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