Are angels or demons able to have sexual relationships with women and produce human offspring?


Absolutely not! God’s Word is very clear that such a possibility simply does not exist.

of all, let us remember that God made animals and humans according to
their kind (Genesis 1:21, 24-28). Animals can only reproduce other
animals, according to their kind (two dogs can produce another dog, but
they can’t produce a horse or a bird), and men can only produce humans
(they can’t produce animals). Since men and angels belong to a
different “kind,” it is impossible for that reason alone, that they
could produce human offspring.

In addition, as created spirit
beings, angels or fallen angels (demons) do not reproduce sexually or
by any other means. Jesus made this very clear. He said in Luke
20:34-36 that the “sons of this age,” i.e. human beings who live today,
“marry and are given in marriage.” One of the purposes of marriage is
reproduction, as well as having a sexual relationship (compare Genesis
1:28; 2:24). Married couples are to become “one flesh”–including
sexually. That is the reason why it is wrong to have sexual
relationships with a prostitute (1 Corinthians 6:16, 18). But
Christ told us that those who are worthy to attain the resurrection to
eternal life, will not marry or be given in marriage, but they will be,
in THAT sense, equal to angels. They will be OVER angels in authority
and essence (1 Corinthians 6:3; Hebrews 2:5-8), being children of GOD,
not of angels, but they will be EQUAL to angels in the sense that they
will no longer “marry”–physically–and engage in sexual activities. If
we want to accept Christ’s saying, it is obvious that angels (including
fallen angels) CANNOT have sexual relationships with humans and produce
human offspring.

Some quote Genesis 6:4 for the false idea that
angels married women and produced human offspring prior to the flood.
However, this interpretation is totally erroneous and must be rejected.
In Genesis 6:1-4, the context shows that sexual intercourse and
reproduction strictly through humans is described. We read:

it came to pass when MEN began to multiply on the face of the earth,
and daughters were born to them, that the SONS OF GOD saw the daughters
of MEN, that they were beautiful; and they took WIVES for themselves of
all WHOM THEY CHOSE. And the LORD said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive
with MAN forever, for he is indeed FLESH; yet his days shall be one
hundred and twenty years.’ There were giants (lit. mighty ones) on the
earth in those days, and also afterward, when the SONS OF GOD came to
the daughters of MEN and THEY BORE CHILDREN to THEM. Those were the
mighty MEN who were of old, men of renown.”

Although it is true
that in rare instances, “sons of God” can refer to angels (compare Job
1:6-8; 2:1), it refers most of the time to human beings (compare
Malachi 1:6; 2:10; Luke 3:38; Romans 8:14; Revelation 21:7). This is
also the case in Genesis 6. God decided to destroy sinful
men–flesh–not angels. We read that all flesh and every MAN died in
the flood (Genesis 7:21-23). Because of this, some commentaries point
out that the term “sons of God” might, in this instance, refer to the
“godly line of Seth” (compare Ryrie Study Bible). Halley’s Bible
Handbook allows for the possibility that the “sons of God” were
“leaders in Sethite families who intermarried with godless descendants
of Cain. These abnormal marriages… filled the earth with corruption
and violence.”

Even though the “sons of God” (human beings)
belonged to the line of Seth, and might have worshipped the true God
(compare Genesis 4:26), they took for themselves whatever women they
wanted–including those who did not believe in and worship the true God
(compare God’s warning in Malachi 2:15 and in 1 Corinthians 7:39; 2
Corinthians 6:14). The consequence was that “the wickedness of man was
great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart
was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5).

The Commentary of
Jamieson, Faussett and Brown agrees that Genesis 6 refers strictly to
human marriages, stating: “‘the sons of God saw the daughters of
men’–by the former is meant the family of Seth, who were professedly
religious; by the latter, the descendants of apostate Cain. Mixed
marriages between parties of opposite principles and practice were
necessarily sources of extensive corruption. The women, irreligious
themselves, would as wives and mothers exert an influence fatal to the
existence of religion in their household, and consequently the people
of that later age sank to the lowest depravity.”

Matthew Henry
agrees with this explanation: “The sons of God (that is, the professors
of religion) married the daughters of men, that is, those that were
profane, and strangers to God and godliness. The posterity of Seth did
not keep by themselves, as they ought to have done. They intermingled
themselves with the excommunicated race of Cain.”

Similar the
Soncino Commentary, identifying the “sons of God” as “the sons of
princes and judges,” referring to the fact that the word “Elohim” (in
“sons of God” or “Elohim”) always implies rulership and can refer to
human judges (compare Exodus 4:16; 7:1). It goes on to say that “thus
the very men who should have defended justice openly committed
violence” and that they took wives “by force,” including those “married
to others.”

The New Bible Commentary: Revised agrees with the
conclusion that Genesis 6 describes sexual relationships between human
beings only, but gives a slightly different meaning of the passage.
They point out that “‘the sons of God’ could be translated ‘the sons of
the gods.’ Ancient texts attest to an ideology of divine kingship;
human kings were called sons of various gods. This blasphemous cult was
a culmination of the Cainite name-lust… ‘daughters of men’ are the
daughters of men in general. By ‘such of them as they chose,’ polygamy
is meant…”

Based on the Biblical evidence, it is abundantly
clear that Genesis 6 does NOT teach at all that angels or demons had
sexual intercourse with women and produced human offspring.

refer to a passage in Genesis 3:15, for the concept that Satan and his
demons can produce human offspring. However, this passage does not
allow for such an understanding. In Genesis 3:15, God speaks to Satan,
after he had tempted Eve to sin, stating: “And I will put enmity
Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall
bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”

The reference
here is to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the “Seed of a woman,” and to the
human beings who would be under the influence of Satan the devil–his
“seed.” Christ, born of a woman, would nullify Satan’s power over man.
Satan bruised Christ’s heel, causing Him to suffer and to be put to
death, but Christ conquered death through the resurrection (Hebrews
2:14-15). He overcame Satan and will ultimately replace him, when He
returns. “Satan’s seed” refers to human beings in general who are still
under Satan’s sway. Satan, as the god and ruler of this world, has
deceived the whole world. Humans follow him, and they are called in the
Bible “children of the devil” (John 8:44; compare Matthew 13:38). They
are not the LITERAL physical offspring of Satan, of course, but his
spiritual seed. Once we accept God’s way of life and receive God’s Holy
Spirit, we become begotten children of God (1 John 3:1-2)–but again,
not in the sense that we are the LITERAL physical offspring of God, but
we are His spiritual seed. The ONLY one who was LITERALLY physically
begotten by God the Father, through the Holy Spirit, was Jesus Christ
(Luke 1:30-35)–that is why He is called the “ONLY-begotten Son” (John
1:18; 1 John 4:9).

The Ryrie Study Bible explains Genesis 3:15 in
this way: “‘between thy seed’ (the spiritual descendants of Satan, cf.
John 8:44; Eph. 2:2) ‘and her seed’ (those who are in the family of
God)… An individual from among the woman’s seed, namely Christ, will
deal a death blow to Satan’s ‘head’ at the cross [and His subsequent
resurrection from the dead], while Satan (‘thou’) would ‘bruise
Christ’s heel’ (cause Him to suffer).”

Even though the woman’s
“seed” might very well include the “family of God”–that is, converted
Christians–it is nevertheless true that the most obvious reference is
to Jesus Christ. As Halley’s Bible Handbook points out: “Here… is
God’s prophecy that His Creation of Man would yet prove to be
successful, through the ‘seed of the Woman.’ This is the Bible’s first
hint of a Coming Redeemer. The use of ‘He’ (15) shows that One Person
is meant. There has been only ONE descendant of Eve who was born of
Woman without being begotten of Man.”

In conclusion, the idea
that angels or demons can produce human offspring is a dangerous and
wrong concept. It has inspired Hollywood’s movie writers to produce
some terrible and demonic pieces, such as “Rosemary’s Baby.” But many
ARE deceived today, thinking that such a diabolic act might be possible.

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Lead Writer: Norbert Link

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