The practice of hacking has connotations with computers. However,  even computer hackers generally agree that the act of hacking extends beyond the keyboard. We define hacking as taking a set of established  rules, interpreting them creatively, and experimenting with our action to see what happens with the new interpretation. With this understanding, hacking seems harmless. However, when we hack with God’s laws, twisting them around to interpret them for our own benefit, the result is sin deserving of death. This message describes situations of hacking with God’s laws. The Sabbath is one area which is classically muddled with, by interpreting it to be on Sunday and by expanding the boundaries of appropriate behavior. The Bible also instructs us how to worship him correctly. The Israelites coming out of Egypt hacked with this command and worshipped God in their own way. David hacked with the instructions for transporting the arc, by putting it on a cart when it was supposed to be carried. Moses also hacked with God’s instructions by bringing water from the rock in the wilderness in his own way, rather than the way that God instructed. All of these examples of hacking are examples of sinful disobedience. We must make sure to follow God’s instructions carefully, and not to intermingle them with our own corrupt interpretations and desires.

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