Europe’s Rise and Fall

We find an amazing end time prophecy in the Book of Ezekiel about the political, economic, military and religious European power bloc, and its sudden demise and fall that will result in its total annihilation and destruction. Who will be the main players in this development; who are the modern Medes; and what is the connection between the prince and the king of Tyre, and the false prophet?

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Boris Johnson Resigns and Leaves a Mess

Boris Johnson announced his resignation as Conservative Party leader, but wants to remain as a caretaker prime minister until a successor is found.  This crisis comes at a terrible time for the Brits, and it has been said that the country looks like a shambles. Before his resignation, Johnson made the spectacular suggestion of recreating the ancient Roman Empire in Europe, which will indeed rise again, but the consequences for the UK will be disastrous. On top of that, it has been said that the UK is totally unprepared for a nuclear world war which could ultimately annihilate all of mankind.

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