WHY Christ’s Return IS NEAR indeed!

How can we be so SURE that Christ’s return is near?  Why is Christ’s soon-coming return the only hope for mankind’s survival? What are many different news events PROVING to us that Christ will return very soon? Our new free booklet, “How Can We Know that Christ’s Return Is Near?” gives you answers to these all-important questions. Please be sure to watch the short VIDEO at the END of this program.

False Endtime Predictions for 2017

Some predict that the end of the world will occur on August 21 or September 23 of 2107, based on a solar eclipse and a heavenly image which supposedly mirrors a description of the woman in Revelation 12.  Is there any credibility to this idea? What does Christ tell us about the end of the world, and especially about the great tribulation and the heavenly signs? How do His statements correspond with current news events and developments?

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