Will Israel Attack Iran?

The possibility of an Israeli military strike against Iran exists. Why do we say this? And what would be the consequences for Israel?

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Germany in Panic Mood

The German government is contemplating highly unpopular measures of civil defense and military actions, due to perceived or real threats facing the country’s very existence. These measures have a direct relationship to biblical prophecy. In addition, European leaders from Germany, France and Italy are pressing ahead for increased cooperation on defense and the establishment of a European Army.

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Why Europe Supports the Anti-Israeli Iranian Regime

Astonishing details have been revealed about Israel’s readiness to attack Iran in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and why it did not happen then. Iran is still determined to obliterate Israel, and the question must be asked why countries are supporting a deal with Iran even though they know about Iran’s intensions. Could it be that prophesied economic interests, especially in Europe, are the determining factors?

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