Coming… a worldwide Dictatorship

The whole world is being prepared today for accepting a global autocratic dictatorship. Its beginning is already manifesting itself on the world scene. Do you know what is happening, and why, and that the Bible has prophesied this end-time development thousands of years ago?

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The Return of Donald Trump

Apart from occasional short comments, Donald Trump was at first pretty quiet after Joe Biden’s inauguration and Trump’s departure from Washington to his estate in Florida. But beginning with the end of January, a remarkable change could be observed. Trump began to be back in the spotlight, and it seems, he has become more popular and influential than ever. It would be naïve and a grave mistake to think that we have heard the last word and seen the last action from Trump.

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Secret Plans for Unified European Army?

Far too many are indifferent or confused about what is going on in continental Europe, including the secret goal to create of a unified EU army under the control of “nine or more member states”; the “leading role on global affairs” which Germany is destined to fulfil as “a key player” with the “responsibility to actively help shape the global order”; and the euro as the “founding element of a United States of Europe.” Many claim wrongfully that the EU will break up and that the euro will fail. They simply do not understand biblical prophecy.
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