Europe’s Attack on Religious Freedom and the coming Great Tribulation

This program addresses another European attack on religious freedom, this time mainly directed at Jews and Muslims, but with wide-raging consequences for all religions, including true and nominal Christianity. We talk about the permission granted by Europe’s highest court to prohibit ritual slaughter of animals, but the implication of the decision is not limited to that aspect, but it is much broader and much more frightening. It also sets the stage for prophesied events leading to the terrible Great Tribulation described in the Bible.

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The Dangerous Vaccination Paranoia

The fascination with mandatory vaccinations has reached unparalleled levels of paranoia in the USA, with incredibly dangerous and blatantly unconstitutional measures by fanatic governmental officials and doctors who are supported by a gullible and uneducated mass media. What are the real dangers of the vaccination hype for life, liberty and freedom; and are vaccinations really as harmless and effective as many uninformed reporters postulate?

Wrong German Reactions to ISIL’s Murders

Dangerous developments in Germany; a misunderstanding of ISIS and Islam; and false postulations from the two major Christian churches–how are these events connected? While every decent human being must be appalled by the murderous, barbaric and demonical activities of ISIS and their monstrous deeds, we must not forget the clear biblical teachings for true Christians; nor must we resort to “politically correct” excuses when describing the Koran and Islamists. But these developments and current events are in clear fulfillment of biblical prophecy. We are offering three free booklets: Germany in Prophecy; Europe in Prophecy; and Should You Fight in War?

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