NATO: No Protection for Israel

NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg explained that Israel could not rely on protection from NATO in case of an Iranian attack. Whether Israel would receive help from the EU and Germany is highly doubtful, as there is a “divide between Europe and Israel.” Benjamin Netanyahu and Angela Merkel are “miles apart” and on “diametrically opposite sides” on the Iran issue. Iran has announced that it will  “increase its nuclear enrichment capacity,” and that Israel “must be eradicated.” What WILL the future bring?

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Worldwide Anti-Semitism on the Rise

Even though anti-Semitism has been a terrible phenomenon for many centuries, it is clearly on the rise in the USA and around the world. President Trump righty condemned this horrible phenomenon. Middle Eastern nations are not Israel’s friends, and neither are the Europeans. What will happen if Israel insists on a one-state solution; on Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital; and on further Jewish settlements in “occupied” territories? Will a Third Temple be built in Jerusalem prior to Christ’s return? What would be the reaction of the world, and especially the Europeans? Our new free booklet, “The Fall and Rise of the Jewish People,” will give you the answers to these and many more questions. A special video at the end of this program provides you with more important information.

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