What’s Ahead for 2020?

While preparing for Christmas and during all the Christmas celebrations, most people have lost sight for what has happened on the world scene in 2019 and how these events relate to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. More of the same, and worse, can be expected for 2020.

You Have Been Warned!

World conditions become worse and worse, and the great tribulation cannot be far off. But what do YOU do with this knowledge? Do you belong to those who once had understanding of the Truth, but who have lost it? Are you compromising to appease your relatives and friends? Do you think that just as little bit of “giving in” does not matter?

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The True Christmas Story

Is the usual presentation of Christ’s birth in accordance with the biblical account? When was Jesus born—in what year and in what month? What about the year Zero? When did Herod the Great die? When was Cyrenius governor of Syria? Was Christ born in a stable? What was the inn in which Mary and Joseph found no place? Were Mary and Joseph poor? Were animals present when Jesus was born? Did angels sing? Did the wise men from the east and the shepherds visit Christ during the night of His birth? Who were those wise men? How many were they? Where do the customs come from which one thinks of and engages in during the Christmas season?

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Radical Islam, Terrorism and the Bible

A movement in Germany has mainstream politicians in arms. Weekly “PEGIDA” demonstrations in Dresden and other cities against “Islamization” are opposed by left-liberal groups, Muslims, Christian churches and others, even though their criticism may only contribute to the growing popularity of the movement. The most recent terrorist attacks in France have been interpreted quite differently, depending on who has reported them. Does the Koran command, allow or prohibit the murder of those who “insult’ Mohammed? What does the Bible have to say about Europe’s future role regarding Muslim countries and terrorism in general? We are offering two free booklets, “Biblical Prophecy-From Now Until Forever” and “When and How Will Christ Return?”

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