What Does the Bible Say About Smoking?

Why do people smoke? Do they do it because they love God, their neighbor or themselves? Or do people smoke to satisfy their selfish passions and desires? Is smoking sin? Is a Christian free to smoke? Does the Bible condemn smoking in no uncertain terms? How can one overcome their addiction to tobacco, mind-altering drugs and pot?

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Let’s Count Our Blessings in the USA!

Even though we are committed to warn our nation of impending disaster, if we don’t change our ways, we need to be thankful for the freedom we still have in the USA. This program gives you some stirring eyewitness examples of attacks on individual liberties in Germany and Europe, serving as a warning that we, as a nation, do not fall into the same trap. At the same time, we are rectifying a common error about Europe’s unification, which some hold because of a misunderstanding of biblical prophecies. We are offering our free booklet, “The Ten European Revivals of the Ancient Roman Empire.”

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