Putin—the Devil’s Tool

Many have pointed out the striking similarities between Hitler and Putin. Events did not occur accidentally in the life of Hitler, but were carefully designed by none other than Satan the Devil. The same is true today when focusing on Putin, but there is MORE!

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WHY America’s and Europe’s Betrayal of Ukraine?

The last “cease-fire” agreement pertaining to Ukraine is dead, and the war in Ukraine continues. Europe is accused of following an appeasement policy towards Vladimir Putin’s Russia, as the Allies did towards Adolph Hitler in regard to Czechoslovakia. America is accused of “disengagement,” “weakness” and unproductive “strategic patience.” Vladimir Putin is looked upon as the only winner who wants to annex more countries and who is quite successful in pushing the US and Europe further and further apart. The West stands condemned as having broken an international treaty promising to protect Ukrainian territorial integrity. WHY is all of this happening? Is God working out a plan which brings about end-time prophecies?

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What Putin’s Russia Will Do Next!

Vladimir Putin has placed the world on notice as to what he wants to do, but are we listening? The occupation of Crimea is just the beginning. Putin will continue to invade other countries, stating that Kiev is the mother of all Russian cities, and that Russia will always “stand up for the rights of Russians in other countries,” where Russians are being “abused.” Some observers view Putin’s conduct and ambitions as “extremely dangerous for Europe,” and several most likely unpleasant consequences of the Crimea invasion are being discussed, including some “unforeseen” new “constellations.” What does the Bible say about all of this?

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Iran’s Deal of the Century

This week, an “historical deal” was struck between Iran and certain super powers. But how long will the “Geneva agreement” last? While some praise it as a tremendous success, the cautious voices are worth listening to. Is the deal the first step to make the world safer, or is it a further step towards its destruction?

We explain in our free booklet, “Middle Eastern and African Nations in Bible Prophecy” that Iran-biblical Elam-will be involved in a war against Israel; and that it will also form an alliance with Russia against Europe.

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