Why the Book of Ecclesiastes Is Misunderstood

The book of Ecclesiastes has many layers. It describes the lives of people under the sun who are cut off from God. To that extent, life is vain and a grasping for the wind. In addition, when Solomon addresses the reader DIRECTLY, he is not talking about people who have turned away from God and who refuse to submit to God. It is important to see the distinction.

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Lot in Sodom

Jesus warned us that the time of His Second Coming could be compared with the days of Lot and the conditions in Sodom. Was Lot a righteous man? Why did he live in Sodom? Why was Sodom destroyed? Was it only because of homosexual conduct? Are there archeological proofs outside the Bible showing us that Sodom was indeed destroyed? Why did Lot’s daughters commit incest with their father? What can we learn from Lot’s life?

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