Worldwide Attack on Our Innocent Children

This program gives you several abominable examples of the society’s attack on our children and encourages you to counter-act such vicious and immoral deceptions, from euthanasia of young children at any age, to late-term abortions in the name of science, to cancer-causing glyphosate in vaccines and children’s food, to harmful e-cigarettes, to promotion of transgender, to sexual child abuse by Catholic priests. None of these examples are in line with the biblical admonition to train up our children in the fear of God and allow them to come to Christ.

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What Does the Bible Say About Smoking?

Why do people smoke? Do they do it because they love God, their neighbor or themselves? Or do people smoke to satisfy their selfish passions and desires? Is smoking sin? Is a Christian free to smoke? Does the Bible condemn smoking in no uncertain terms? How can one overcome their addiction to tobacco, mind-altering drugs and pot?

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