Easter in the Bible?

Does the Bible have anything to say about Easter? What do the worldly customs of this festival have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? What does God command us to do instead of keeping this man-made holiday?

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The Dark Side of Easter

Where did Easter come from? Many believe Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but Easter existed long before Christ was even born. So what do Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter cakes and Easter sunrise services have to do with Christ? Most historians agree that Easter was originally a pagan festival, but many overlook its really dark and sinister side. Does it matter to God whether or not you keep Easter?

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Should Christians Keep Easter?
 Easter Customs and the Bible

Was Jesus crucified on a Friday and resurrected on Sunday morning? If so, how did He fulfill the sign of His Messiahship that He was to be three days and three nights in the grave? If not, how did Christianity come to believe in a Friday crucifixion and Sunday morning resurrection? And where do our Easter customs come from? Why do we color eggs and believe in an egg-laying rabbit? Did early Christians keep Easter? What does the Bible say about all of this?

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Why Do YOU Keep Easter?

Where did the celebration of Easter come from? Why did many Christians over the centuries never keep it, including the Reformers and the Puritans, and why don’t some Christians keep it today? How and through whom were Easter customs adopted by the American people? Does the Bible endorse their observance? Our free booklet on “Man’s Holidays and God’s Holy Days” is offered as well.

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