Europe, Britain and the USA… How Prophecy Moves On!

During the last two weeks, we have observed some interesting and important personnel changes in Europe and Great Britain. How will the new European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, and the new British Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, contribute to the development of biblical prophecy in view of a European Army, Brexit and their interaction with President Donald Trump?



The USA and Britain are failing… who will replace them?

“Foreign Policy” wrote recently that the era of Washington’s unilateralism is over; but most do not recognize how much the worldwide influence of the USA and Great Britain has decreased. Who will play the most influential role on the world scene in the very near future? It is not China or Russia, as some feel. The true and surprising answer can be found in your Bible.

What if Britain Leaves Europe?

On June 23, the British people will decide in a referendum whether or not Britain will leave the EU. We know from Holy Scriptures that ultimately, a Brexit will occur. EU leaders have muzzled themselves, fearing that their involvement would hurt and not help those in Britain who want to stay. These fears are shared by David Cameron. This shows how unpopular the EU is in Britain, and how precarious the relationship has become between the EU and GB. IF and WHEN Britain leaves, who is destined to become the EU’s “financial center” and “capital of financial regulation”?
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