No Communion for Pelosi and Catholic Confusion

The Catholic Church is in a state of confusion and disunity… and so is this country… and a house divided cannot stand. The lack of morality and of spiritual understanding is exemplified by the events surrounding practicing Catholic Nancy Pelosi, presenting an ugly picture of hypocrisy. This program discusses why it is perceived to be “outdated” to believe in and preach about sin.

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Prove Everything… But How Exactly?

The Bible tells us that we are to prove everything and hold fast what is good. What does this mean? Do we have to convince ourselves of the Truth and make it part of our being? What consequences does this have for our conduct towards others? Does one have to be appointed by God to be a teacher of the Truth? Are God’s ministers necessary so that one can even come to and understand the Truth? How do you know whether someone is a true or a false minister? Are we admonished not to argue with others about the Truth? Why can discussions about God’s Word be very dangerous?

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When Is Abortion Allowed?

Most people, including Christians and Jews, are confused as to when abortion is permitted in the eyes of God. The Catholic Church, most Protestant churches and orthodox Judaism have totally different and contradictory teachings on the subject, but what does the Bible say?

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